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  Pressure tanks

Solid, technologically advanced solutions designed with the use of reliable materials, they offer the necessary quality in industrial facilities. Niwa pressure tanks are used by domestic and foreign companies of different types. Currently the offer includes hydrophores, vessels for gas and other media storage and many more.

Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjno-Handlowe NIWA J.J. Niwa Spółka Jawna
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  Sludge decanter - http://spomaszwronki.com

Through employing extremely high centrifugal force, the machinery is able to separate solid particles from liquids in the most effective and efficient way. Spomasz team has made sure the each sludge decanter is prepared to operate uninterruptedly in even the most harsh industrial conditions. See their solutions!

Spomasz Wronki Grupa SFPI Sp. z o.o.
Powstańców Wlkp. 23 , 64-510 Wronki ,
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  CCTV security systems

For analog and IP cameras, designed to provide quality, stable signal in difficult conditions. Camsat has developed wireless CCTV security systems, which are a step forward in the industry. The signal can be transmitted in HD or even 4K, giving the clear view your office, industrial facility or even home requires.

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  PJ Therapeutic

If you are looking for quality dysphagia products, solutions used in speech therapy and diverse oral motor tools, be sure to check out PJ Therapeutic online store's offer. You can find there diagnostic, sensory visual, myofunctional and orthodontic, tracheotomy and other solutions and accessories from recognized brands.

PJ Therapeutic
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  Dental implants abroad - Index Medica UK

When you lose a teeth due to an illness or an injury, it becomes not only an aesthetic issue. You can start having problems with chewing which can translate into other issues as well. Polish clinic, Index Medica UK, inserts dental implants abroad within a holistic treatment plan. The costs are presented on the website.

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Lesser Poland
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  Retaining wall

To secure the slopes with great difference in elevation, a retaining wall is usually installed. Modern construction companies employ advanced solutions in this respect, including using vinyl sheet piles to reinforce such structures. Plastic is extremely durable, does not corrode and is very simple to install, to name the most important advantages of the solution.

S. i A. Pietrucha Sp. z o.o.
Szkolna 29 , 95-054 Ksawerów ,
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  Neon signs - WARMAX

Become visible on your street, attract the attention of consumers and raise the number of your customers with effective neon signs. Warmax will prepare them in a number of versions and sizes from 16 to 25 mm tubes. The final result cannot be mistaken with anything else and is simply stunning. See for yourself!

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